Bauhaus BS-Y Original Baritone Saxophone

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The Bauhaus Original Baritone saxophone is an outstanding instrument with a wealth of features.



Three-vent octave mechanism – helps to facilitate clarity
and tuning when playing G, G# and A with the octave key
High F# Key
Ribbed Construction
Adjustable key guard felts for venting and tuning
Double Hinge on Low A to create lightness of action
Double key arm on low C
Water key for elimination of condensation
Three-point bell to body bracing
Lyre Box
Hand hammered detachable bell
Ergonomic adjustable Thumb Hook
Detachable, adjustable “spike” – useful for players who need extra support
Mouthpiece, Ligature & Cap
Black Wood-framed Case With Carry Handles



Bell Diameter 172mm
Robust Brass Keywork 5mm Diameter
Body Material – Bronze 93% Copper/ 5% Zinc/ 2% Tin
5.8kg Instrument Weight
Blue Steel Needle Springs
Domed metal resonators – leather pads
Key of Eb – Range Low A to High F#

Bauhaus’  keywork is much like the rest of the saxophone – made skillfully, of quality materials, and built to last.