Bauhaus AS-PD Deluxe Bronze / Copper Alto Saxophone

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The Bauhaus AS-PD Deluxe Bronze / Copper Alto Saxophone is a very well made sax which wil produce a great rich jazz tone.

It has a gorgeous lacquer finish and it features a shoulderless point screw, with the screws manufactured from hardened steel, with the housing mechanism carefully engineered around them creating great ergonomics, making for a smooth, very responsive action.

Features include an Underslung Octave Key, High F# Key, Ribbed Construction, Fine Adjustment Screws, Double Key-Arms C# + B, Lyre Box, Hand Hammered Bell, Ergonomic Thumb Rest & Thumb Hook, Mouthpiece, Ligature and Cap and a Black Rucksack Style Case,

Bauhaus AS-PD Deluxe Bronze / Copper Alto Saxophone is truly a very well made sax, and its specifications include :-

Bell Diameter 119mm
Robust Brass Keywork 4.9mm Diameter
Bronze and Copper body material
2.55kg Instrument Weight
Blue Steel Needle Springs
Fine Grain Italian Pads
Low Bb to High F# – Key of Eb.

The keywork is smooth, easy and robust, and it is much like the rest of the saxophone – made skillfully, of quality materials, and it is clearly built to last.We can get this beauty to you with fast delivery too.