Bauhaus T-M2-DL Pro Professional Tenor Saxophone, Dark Lacquer

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The T-M2s tenor saxophone has been extremely well received by professional players.

It incorporates a smooth action, quality materials and craftsmanship, a powerful timbre, and provides excellent intonation in all registers. The horn is responsive and stable with “Bags” of middle and purity, without being too bright – this is a contemporary sounding horn.


Crook/Octave Mechanism: Hand Engraved with Overslung Octave Key
Neck/Receiver: Hand Engraved, Reinforced & Embossed Copper Bronze Collar for Stability and Projection.
Key: High F# Key
Keywork/Body Construction: Ribbed Construction
Body Material: American Brass with Dark Lacquer Finish
Body Finish: Dark Lacquer Finish
Adjustment: Fine Steel Screws on Lower and Upper Stack
Bell: Hand Hammered, Hand Engraved “Power” Bell
Keywork: Responsive and Positive; Ergonomic Thumb Rest & Thumb Hook
Accessories: Hard Rubber 4C Mouthpiece, Metal Ligature, Cap, and Sling
Case: Silver/Black GL Shaped Hard Case


Bell Diameter: 138mm Diameter Bell
Keywork/Rods: Solid, 4.7mm Diameter
Instrument Weight: 3.35kg
Case Weight: 1.9kg
Needle Springs: High Tensile Blue Steel
Touch Pieces: Real, White Mother of Pearl
Pads: Black Kangaroo Leather Pads with White Porcelain Resonators
Range: Low Bb to High F# – Key of Bb

Bauhaus’ claim that the keywork is “robust” is not idle. It is much like the rest of the saxophone – made skillfully, of quality materials, and built to last.

Bauhaus T-M2-DL Pro Professional Tenor Saxophone, Dark Lacquer