Yanagisawa S9930 Silver Soprano Saxophone

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The Yanagisawa S9930 Soprano Saxophone uses Solid Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver, 7.5% copper) in lieu of traditional brass. Solid Silver is a heavy alloy but also vibrates and responds exceptionally well. This helps the Yanagisawa  S9930 to be a more resonant instrument that offers more tonal presence and versatility. This effectively amplifies whatever is put into the horn by the player and mouthpiece. Any mouthpieces that are dark by nature will be darker, richer and bigger on the S9030. Mouthpieces that are brighter will be edgier, more brilliant and more powerful on the S9930. The basic math is simple, the more Solid Silver used in the horn, the bigger the performance enhancement.

The sterling silver body of the Yanagisawa S-9930 produces a tone that flows effortlessly and evenly throughout all dynamic ranges and registers.

Two interchangeable neckpipes come standard; the straight produces the traditional soprano sound while the curved one a milder, mellower tone.